4th Level 826 Hours Beauty Expertise Course Ministry of National Education Approved Diploma Programme”From Basic to Professional”

Aim of the Training
The aim of our Beauty Expertise training is to train highly qualified professional aestheticians in the beauty sector starting from the most basic level and to ensure that they meet with Aesthetic & Beauty Centres, Hospitals and Clinics with A + quality standards in the sector.

Main Topics of Education

The first 4 weeks of our 24-week training are theory, the other 20 weeks are applied technical training.

Theory Section;

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Basic Biology, Skin and Skin Structure
  • Skin Types and Product Selection Suitable for Skin Types
  • Detailed Product Training (Skeyndor Certified)
  • Recognising Device Technologies and Usage Techniques

Implementation Section;

  • Basic Skin Care
    • Skin Analysis
    • Product Selection and Care Techniques Suitable for Skin Type
    • Basic Skin Care Applications
  • Medical Advanced Skin Care
    • Derma Pen Operations
    • Derma Roller Operations
    • Skin Ironing Procedures with Hammer
    • Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Procedures with Salmon DNA
    • Hydrafacial Procedures
    • Basic Fibroblast Plasma Pen (Body Stretch Mark Procedures)
  • Epilation
    • Needle Epilation Procedures
    • Diode Laser Hair Removal (Ice Head) Procedures
    • IPL Photo Laser Hair Removal Procedures
  • Slimming and Body Treatments
    • Thermo Detox Processes
    • Regional Slimming Procedures with Electrotherapy (Passive Gymnastics)
    • Cellulite Treatments with G5 Device
  • Basic Massage Techniques
    • Swedish Massage (Classic Body Massage)
    • Lymph Drainage Massage
    • Cellulite Massage
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Techniques (Masterclass Certified)
    • Silk Eyelash Procedures
    • Eyelash Lifting Procedures
    • Eyebrow Lamination Processes
  • Beauty Makeup (Basic Make-up Techniques)
    • Recognition of Make-up Products and Techniques of Using Brushes
    • Product Selection Suitable for Skin Type and Make-up Applications Suitable for Face Type
    • Base Make-up and Shading (Concealer & Highlighter)
    • Day Makeup – Soft Makeup

Products and Materials

All professional products and devices to be used in the training process are provided by the academy. Participants do not bring any additional products / materials.Derma roller etc. materials are disposable and are given to our students as zero.In terms of personal hygiene, our students may prefer to bring only their own towels.


  • Ministry of National Education Approved Beauty Expertise Certificate
  • İşim Academy “Professional Esthetician” Graduation Certificate prepared in English and Turkish

Work Areas;

  • Aesthetic & Beauty Centres
  • Private Clinics
  • Dermatology Departments of Private Hospitals
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hotel SPA Centres
  • Skin Care etc. Professional Product Brands
For training start dates and other detailed information, please contact our Training Consultants by calling 0212 274 70 77.