Nail Art (Nail Decoration) Training

“From Basic to Professional”

Aim of the Training
Dear talented individuals, there are a few important points we would like to emphasise to you. As you read these lines, we feel our belief in your self-worth and the purpose you will add to your life. You are endeavouring to get the value you deserve from life, to develop yourself, to stand on your feet. We have found in many stories that the main secret of achieving success is to believe in something wholeheartedly and without doubt. Each of you is a valuable individual with different personalities.

Let’s come to the questions you have in mind. Nail art art applied on permanent nail polish and prosthetic nails, which has recently become widespread in Europe and Turkey, not only gives the nails an aesthetic appearance, but also offers a more striking and well-groomed appearance with decorations. Nail art artists, when they receive training in this field, can have a profession in Turkey and Europe where they can achieve commercial success without discrimination between men and women.

We aim to create a solid foundation for your profession with our internationally recognised certificates. All the materials you will use during the nail art nail decoration techniques course are covered by us with our comfortable and high-level training, which includes German products and the latest technology products. In this way, we aim to combine the quality of your work with your belief in the profession. After the course, we continue to support you with our easily accessible private groups that will always make you feel with you. We will be with you to ensure that you always have advanced knowledge in your profession by learning the most up-to-date and trendy application techniques.

Main Topics of Education

Our training period is 8 hours in total, covering an accelerated 1 or 2 day process. Regardless of the training day, your lesson programme and duration do not change.

  • French
  • Ombre
  • Cat eyes
  • Aquarium technique
  • Chrome (mirror image)
  • Pearl powder
  • Liquid stone
  • Marble and smoke effect
  • Brush information
  • Straight line and shadow techniques
  • Portrait drawing techniques are

Equipment and Materials

All the materials you will use during the course will be provided by us. So, you will not need to do any shopping. All the products you need to use while applying will be explained in our trainings and you will apply with these products. In this way, you will learn the function of each product and gain practical experience.

Working Areas;

  • Aesthetic & Beauty Centres
  • Private Clinics
  • Dermatology Departments of Private Hospitals
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hotel SPA Centres
  • Skin Care etc. Professional Product Brands

For training start dates and other detailed information, please contact our Training Consultants by calling 0212 274 70 77.