“From Basic to Professional”

Aim of the Training
Permanent Make-up Expertise is an important skill in the world of make-up and offers a variety of possibilities in the personal care and beauty sector. This course offers a training process that will maximise your theory and practical skills, equipped with the latest technology and products.Permanent make-up is a popular application among women who like to look aesthetic and well-groomed. This process, which requires a mathematical and artistic perspective, retains its effect for a long time and becomes an indispensable part of the personal care routine when applied correctly.

Main Topics of Education

The training process continues intensively for 4 days and a certificate can be obtained upon successful completion. The certificate helps you to strengthen your career by providing a competitive advantage in the sector.

Education Programme;

  • Basic theory of permanent make-up
  • Pigment knowledge, colour and measurement techniques
  • Eyebrow, eye and lip details
  • Application techniques and procedures
  • Effective communication with the customer and professionalism
  • Technical information
  • Colour information and product information
  • Eyebrow, eye and lip details
  • Eyebrow design
  • Eyebrow neutralisation techniques
  • Eyebrow design with the right retouch time and golden ratio
  • Equipment and techniques to be used during the application
  • Live model applications on permanent make-up
  • Pixel, powder, ombre powder techniques
  • Babyliner, dipliner techniques
  • Lip, contouring, rejuvenation, colouring techniques
  • Eyebrow removal with laser
  • Eyebrow wiping with solution
  • and topics such as salon management

Equipment and Materials

  • In our Permanent Make-up & Microblading trainings, MEI-CHA world famous brand’s professional paints are used.
  • All latex, needle, device, paint, etc. products and materials to be used in the training process are located in the classroom. Our students perform their operations with the materials in the classroom. There is no need to purchase an additional product or material in their applications in education.
  • In our live model application days, the models are organised by the students themselves. Students who do not want to bring models can work on latex.

Work Areas;

  • Aesthetic & Beauty Centres
  • Private Clinics
  • Dermatology Departments of Private Hospitals
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hotel SPA Centres
  • Skin Care etc. Professional Product Brands

For training start dates and other detailed information, please contact our Training Consultants by calling 0212 274 70 77.