“From Basic to Professional”

Aim of the Training
İGD Academy Special Silk Eyelash Training aims to make expert candidates competent in voluminous and striking eyelash designs. 3D, 5D, 6D Rus Volume offers a quality education by maximising Silk Eyelash theory and application skills. Silk Eyelash Training is an ideal opportunity for those who want to learn the secrets of full and long eyelashes. This training teaches how to create voluminous eyelashes that can completely transform the eyes and facial features. Silk eyelash application is water, pool and sea resistant, offering a well-groomed look for 6-8 weeks. It is a great option for those who want to reduce make-up time.

Main Topics of Education

First day Theoretical knowledge assessment
Day two Manual dexterity practice
Day three Application on live model
Last day Written exam and certificate submission Expand Your Career After Silk Eyelash Training

Education Programme;

Two Stage Silk Eyelash Training

1. Classic Eyelash

  • A single mink eyelash is added considering the thickness and lushness of the natural eyelash.
  • Eyelash thicknesses used in the classical system (0.15/0.20/0.25) are evaluated and eyelash design is made in accordance with the eye shape and length.

2. Volume Eyelash

  • Each eyelash is volumised with thinner mink eyelashes.
  • The intensity is determined according to the person’s demand and eye structure.
  • (2D-3D hybrid volume, 4D-5D volume, 6D AND 10D mega volume)
  • Eyelash design and silk eyelash map gain importance in accordance with the eye shape.

Silk Eyelash Training Programme Details

The course focuses on the following topics

  • Silk Eyelash eye shapes
  • Silk eyelash map according to eye shapes
  • Eyelash structure, thickness, length
  • Daily and weekly silk eyelashes
  • Volume silk eyelash models (2D-10D)
  • Classic eyelash system
  • Silk eyelash removal and care
  • Introduction of silk eyelash products
  • Removing different models of silk eyelashes

Equipment and Materials

  • In our Silk Eyelash trainings, professional products of PiLash, a worldwide famous brand, are used. All materials to be used in the training process include silk eyelashes, tweezers, glue removal solutions, etc.
  • Students carry out their training with the wide range of materials available in the classroom and do not have to buy any additional products or materials.

Work Areas;

  • Aesthetic & Beauty Centres
  • Private Clinics
  • Dermatology Departments of Private Hospitals
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hotel SPA Centres
  • Skin Care etc. Professional Product Brands

For training start dates and other detailed information, please contact our Training Consultants by calling 0212 274 70 77.