Laser Hair Removal Training

“From Basic to Professional”

Aim of the Training
With modern devices produced with the latest technologies, a painless, painless, damage-free laser hair removal period has started. Laser hair removal is one of the new hair removal methods brought by technology. Laser epilation is the permanent and healthy removal of unwanted hair using laser energy. Laser light, unlike the light we know, is the emission of light in a flat beam at a single wavelength. The laser beam applied to the skin with millisecond pulses is absorbed by the melanin pigment that gives the hair its colour and selectively concentrates on the hair root without damaging the surrounding tissue. It creates heat in the hair root and destroys the hair root.

Main Topics of Education

After your Laser Hair Removal Training is completed, your temporary documents are issued until the exam period. This document serves as a testimonial for you. Before the exam date determined by the Ministry of National Education, a question bank study is carried out with you. According to the exam date, we finally refresh your knowledge by repeating the rapid exam study questions and answers in our training centre. After your exam is held in the presence of MEB inspectors, your exam papers are read and evaluated by the commission and your MEB-approved Laser Hair Removal Certificate is issued. After that, it is sent to the District Directorate of MEB. After the approval information is given to us, we receive it and inform you to deliver it to you by hand. Exam: After our trainees complete the necessary training process, they will be evaluated by taking a written exam on the next date determined periodically by MEB: Our trainees will receive MEB (Ministry of National Education) approved Laser Hair Removal Specialist Certificate, Training Booklets and Consultation Forms with the exam to be held at the end of the training.

Education Programme;

  • What is Laser Hair Removal?
  • Importance of Laser Epilation
  • Anatomical structure of hair
  • The importance of hair growth phase in epilation
  • Stages of hair✓ Causes of hair growth
  • Psychological effects of hair growth
  • Epilation methods
  • Light epilation systems (laser)
  • Needle epilation and application methods
  • Needle epilation device features
  • Needles used in needle epilation
  • Situations where needle epilation should be performed
  • Effect of laser hair removal on the hair follicle
  • Preparation before laser epilation
  • Laser hair removal application session interval
  • Things to consider during laser epilation application
  • Things to consider after laser epilation application
  • The theoretical knowledge you have learned is passed to one-to-one application lessons.
  • IPL Devices
  • DIODE Devices
  • Needle Epilation Techniques
  • Hair Anatomy
  • Laser Technology
  • Laser Wavelengths and Laser Types
  • Laser Device Information

Equipment and Materials

  • HeleniSS, a world-famous brand, Ultra-Pro professional devices are used in our Laser Hair Removal trainings. It contains all the materials to be used in the training process.
  • Students carry out their training with the wide range of materials available in the classroom and do not have to buy any additional products or materials.

Working Areas;

  • Aesthetic & Beauty Centres
  • Private Clinics
  • Dermatology Departments of Private Hospitals
  • Beauty Salons
  • Hotel SPA Centres
  • Skin Care etc. Professional Product Brands

For training start dates and other detailed information, please contact our Training Consultants by calling 0212 274 70 77.